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We’re funded by Arts Council England to support writers and creative writing in the West Midlands.

We run workshops and short courses, free networking events, performance opportunities through Birmingham Literature Festival, and the Room 204 Writer Development Programme.

Writing West Midlands’ passion is to encourage writers, at all stages of their writing lives.

There are extraordinarily talented emerging writers in every corner of our region; crafting, drafting, re-drafting the thought-provoking narratives that will become the novels and screenplays of the next decades.

We are committed to supporting talented writers, giving them the confidence to keep going and the skills to construct a living from their words.

Emergency Covid 19 Funding For Arts Council England

£160 million available for those organisations and individuals who will need it during this crisis

News & Events for Writers: monthly

Our monthly round up of opportunities and courses for writers

Events, Short Courses & Workshops

Events and training for writers Sept 2020 - Feb 2021