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More Than A Moment pledge

Writing West Midlands has signed up to the Culture Central More Than A Moment pledge.

In June 2022, we give an update on how things are progressing.


This Action Plan outlines the work that will continue to be undertaken by Writing West Midlands to deliver the actions referenced in the More than a Moment Pledge.


Writing West Midlands works across the Government West Midlands region (5.9m people, 12,000 km2). It has a staff of 3.6 f/t equivalent across six members of staff. New staff are recruited on average once every three years. Writing West Midlands is a Charity with a Board of currently nine Trustees.

Writing West Midlands’ Diversity, Personnel and Finance & Resources Sub-Committees meet quarterly and report to the Board of Trustees/Directors. Matters pertaining to the More than a Moment Pledge are dealt with by these Sub-Committees and by the Board, supported by our Young Writers and Artistic Policy Sub-Committees.

This Action Plan responds to Actions included in the More than a Moment Pledge, although given the small size of Writing West Midlands and the nature of our artform and work, not every element of the Pledge is explicitly referenced in the Action Plan.

Governance & Leadership


  • We will continue to have Diversity as an agenda item at all staff and Board meetings.
  • We will continue to have a Diversity Sub-Committee, including staff, Board Members and Co-opted individuals, which will report quarterly to Board meetings on a range of issues pertaining to diversity.
  • We will continue to offer progression planning for all staff (including our Black Creative Workforce) as part of our appraisal and staff development processes, overseen by our Personnel Sub-Committee.
  • We will continue to demand of our senior staff a collaborative and empathetic style of management, including ensuring an appropriate work/life balance is maintained and that all contractual financial obligations are discharged in a timely manner.



  • Our Personnel Sub-Committee working with out Diversity Sub-Committee will investigate instigating measurement of representation, progression and wellbeing for all staff, including the Black Creative Workforce.

Recruitment, Pay & Workforce Development


  • We will continue to review our recruitment policies and practices – including how and where we advertise – to encourage applications from all people with diverse characteristics, including Black people, implementing the Rooney Rule where appropriate.
  • We will continue to pay for work or consultation undertaken by all colleagues.
  • We will continue to offer feedback to all unsuccessful interview candidates.



  • We will research using approved datasets a minimum percentage of roles.
  • We will develop means of addressing underrepresentation in respect of people with diverse characteristics.

Organisational Culture, Behaviours & Language


  • We will continue to give staff and Board members access to training and resources to develop their understanding in respect of racism.
  • We will continue to encourage all staff to advocate for changes necessary to ensure that our workplace remains anti-racist.
  • We will continue to operate a zero tolerance of racism in our workplace.



  • We will identify appropriate terms to be used when discussing matters pertaining to working with Black creatives and people with other diverse characteristics.

Programming, Audiences, Quality & Value


  • We will continue to work with Black creatives in developing our programmes of activities.
  • We will continue to present the work of Black creatives within our core programmes.
  • We will engage with Black communities – alongside other communities – where appropriate across our region (the West Midlands region).
  • We will continue to collaborate – rather than appropriate – with all creatives when making work



  • If we are in the position to make funding bids in the future we will collaborate with Black creatives and Black communities where appropriate.

Targets & Accountability


  • We will publish our Action Plan in relation to the More Than A Moment pledge.



  • We will make available the anonymised diversity data currently gathered for our major funder.
  • We will publish our annual Business Plan, subject to it being agreed by our Board members and our major funder, including references to targets.
  • We will commit our Chief Executive to attend MTAM Change Submit and Quarterly meetings.