Winds of Change project: Summer/Autumn 2022

In collaboration with Zimbabwe-based digital creative company Kay Media, Writing West Midlands is commissioning a UK-based creative writer and a digital artist from Zimbabwe to produce a 24-page comic book exploring the impact of climate change and the global cultural response to some of its most pressing challenges.

With a script by West Midlands-based scriptwriter Annabel Brightling and illustrations by the conservation biologist Tafadzwa Shumba, the project will be shared widely across both the UK and sub-Saharan Africa.

The comic book will be presented online as an animated webcomic accompanied by audio narration and will also be published as a digital eBook. It will be showcased publicly in UK universities, at the Birmingham Literature Festival organised by Writing West Midlands, and at Comexposed’s 2022 digital arts Converge in Harare.

Offering a unique fusion of African and British storytelling with ideas and artwork influenced by both cultures, Winds of Change will provide an opportunity for young people across the globe to participate in conversations about climate change, collaborate to find solutions, and learn from each other as we work together as nations to build a more sustainable future.

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