ONLINE Self-Led 5-week Short Course: Write Funny

with Fran Hill

Starting Friday 29 January 2021

Self-led 5-session course, released weekly on a Friday for 5 weeks then available for 2 months after the last date


Join us in our virtual classroom for a five-week short course where you can choose how you follow and work.

Do you ever read something funny and think: how the heck did they do that? Do you watch sitcoms or funny plays and wonder what methods the writers use to get you giggling? Do you wish you could write funny, too? Or perhaps you know you can and want to sharpen your skills.

Run by Fran Hill, a humour writer and English teacher, this five-week beginner writing course on Comedy and Humour will offer you a chance to discover the secrets behind witty punchlines, hilarious dialogue, amusing plots, funny characters and LOL verse.

Fran Hill will use examples from writers and comedians to show you how they do it and to help you do it too. Get ready to play!

The course will be self-led, so you can go at your own pace. The online software is simple and easy to navigate, and you can pause and come back to it as often as you wish.

The teaching is a mix of video, written information and instructions, and writing challenges for you to complete.

This course is open to all abilities, particularly those new to writing, or new to writing prose and scripts.


Please note: you must sign up for the full course even if you do not complete the course. No partial course ticket is available.

Short Courses (online and in-person) are for over 18s. If you are a young writer, you can sign up for our Spark Young Writers Programme.

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29 Jan 2021