ONLINE 5-week Short Course: Writing About Covid-19 series: Who Lies Behind The Mask

With Thomas Glave

Wednesdays, 7-9pm, starting 17 November, then 24 November, 1, 8 and 15 December 2021

Online, via Zoom

What if the people whom you know turned out to really be other people entirely, behind their masks? What if they were actually completely different human beings behind those masks?

What if you could be someone else entirely behind your mask, and not yourself? What would happen then?

What if Covid’s masks allowed us to imagine ourselves and others as entirely different people, perhaps in worlds in which none of this (the pandemic) had ever happened? What then?

Can we take the next step and begin writing what the ‘what then?’ will become?

The course offers a safe space within which we can imagine anything, write anything, and let ourselves feel free with our imaginations – really free.

Together, in a group of no more than 14, for 2 hours a week over 5 weeks, we’ll work on telling these stories. We’ll work together to help your thoughts take shape on the page. We will also listen to each other’s stories and read ours aloud. Writing exercises will also be provided to help you begin to write.

The course is for all writers, including beginners.

Tutor: Thomas Glave

Thomas Glave is an American author who has published widely and won numerous awards. He is also a university professor.

Please note: you must sign up for the full course even if you do not complete the course. No partial course ticket is available.

Online and in-person Short Courses are for over 18s. If you are a young writer, you can sign up for our Spark Young Writers Programme.

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17 Nov 2021